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Welcome to my webstore. Everything on this page is for sale. Due to vendor terms, I cannot have an inbuilt payment mechanism unfortunately. Instead, each item is listed with a price, and payment can be made via Cashapp (this app is similar to paypal as a bank trasnfer intermediary, which removes the need for sharing real names. Unlike paypal though, it's adult worker friendly and won't get closed down without notice). You can also pay by Amazon gift vouchers if you require a discreet method of payment, but don't have/ want to download Cashapp. If you wish to purchase an item, just contact me by text to let me know what you'd like. After payment has been processed, dispatch will be on the same day where possible.

Tangible Items

Worn Calvin klein Boxer Briefs



Boxers worn after a sweaty gym session. They will be sent inside a sealed food bag to keep them smelling nice and strong.

Worn Socks



Nice and sweaty, worn in the gym. If you’d like them extra strong, I’ll even wear them overnight in bed. Black socks, white socks, or short white sports socks all available.
Want me to cum on them too, so you can taste all of me at once? That’ll be £25

My Girlfriend's Worn Knickers



My gf's underwear is also available to buy, through me.
Like my underwear, she’s more than happy to wear it in for you and it will be delivered in a sealed food bag to preserve her lovely scent.
Fancy getting a little something from both of us? If you’d like me to give her a good fuck, leave a creampie inside her and sell you the knickers after she’s worn them, covered in her juices and mine.
Want knickers from one of the other girls I work with? I might be able to arrange it. Just ask, and I’ll see what I can do.

Non Tangible Items

Video Requests from my AW library



All of the videos on my AdultWork profile can be bought privately and sent directly to you via dropbox if you'd prefer to avoid setting up an AW account. The price will be the same as the AW prices, but there is a minimum charge of £20 to purchase clips this way.

Custom Video Requests



I can do custom request videos.
I don't do face filming, or anything on camera which I wouldnt offer on a session. But most things are possible.
I have a minimum £30 charge for a custom clip, but the price will vary depending on what you'd like me to do on camera, and if anyone else is involved in the video. As a rule of thumb, my cost per total time of setting up, filming, uploading etc on the project will be in line with my rates for escort bookings, or with my duo rates if it involves a partner.
Timescale will be variable depending on life commitments at the time, but usually a simple clip will be done within 24 hours.
I'll let you know the price and the expected timescale of the video before you pay and once you're happy and you've paid, I'll shoot the content.


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