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I get asked a lot what a particular fetish term, such as 'watersports' for example, means, or to what level I can provide that service. For that reason, I've created this directory of services which often come up. It's a nice, easy way to learn a little more about BDSM and alternative sexual practices.

If you want to read what an activity means, click the activity and it will open to give you more, basic info.

I offer all of the services listed on this page, unless the description box says otherwise. To build a session manually, let me know what you're interested in from below and we can go from there. Or, if you need more ideas, you can check out my 'Ideas' page for a menu style range of options.


Humiliation Activities

  • Cuckold
    Men being cuckolded will be made to watch another man have sex with and pleasure their girlfriend, wife, a female friend, or even more than one girl. Cuckolding, unlike a threesome involves degradation and voyeurism. If you don't have a partner, you can watch me fuck my partner instead. And the ultimate cuckold experience is to eat a bull's cum out of a pussy.
  • Doggyplay/ Dehumanisation
    This involves being forced into the role of an animal or object (such as a chair/toilet etc. You will lose your rights to human privileges and be freed from the responsibities they bring.
  • Food Play/ Sploshing
    This kind of meet involves me throwing all sorts of food and gunk onto you. Custard, beans, flour, cake, shaving foam, treacle, just about anything. You would have to supply the ingredients on this kind of meet and it's offered as an outcall to your home or hotel only.
  • Foot Fetish
    Podophilia (Arousal from feet) is one of the most common fetishes in men. It's often though of as a Dom/sub activity, but can also be vanilla. I take a lot of sessions for recieving foot worship and whilst it's not a fetish I share, so I can't tell you what a good foot looks like, people really do seem to like mine!
  • Forced Play
    Being made to engage in an activity you do not enjoy (whether real or enacted for fun), for the amusement of others. Bi play, hetero play, watersports etc
  • Physical
    Physical humiliation involves being overpowered physically, whether that be simply getting pushed around a little, or a full blown wrestle match to submission.
  • Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)
    Being teased about having a small dick is often for men who are paronoid about how small their dick is. It gives control over an area of anxiety and turns the negative feelings into a positive one. The chance to be told once and for all how he rates to 'normal' men can be liberating, in a humiliating kind of way. (Can be fun with Cuckold). Even if your dick isn't small, this can still work so long as you have some level of anxiety about it.
  • Verbal
    Do you want be told what a pathetic worm you are? Maybe some racist, gendered or sexuality based slurs? Verbal abuse during a session is a major turn on for a lot of people. I'm not the loudest verbaliser in the dom scene. I don't do American porn style shouting, or continuously chatter throughout, as that's not fun for me. However, you'll listen when spoken to, and you'll know who's in control.
  • Watersports
    This is a piss fetish and apart from being one of the most common male fetishes (less common for women), it's one of mine. I will piss on or into the mouth of a male client and I will have full play in both directions with a female client.
  • Wet and Messy (WAM)
    Water bombs, sludge, mud, anything wet and messy. See the sploshing tab.

Sadism & Masochism (S&M) Activities

  • Asphyxia/ Choking/ Breath play
    This refers to any act involving cutting off or controlling your breathing. I am comfortable and experienced doing this in various ways.
  • Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
    Kicking, squeezing, hitting, electrocuting, stretching, nettles, chilli paste torture... I have plenty of ways to make you squirm
  • Corporal Punishment and Discipline
    Canes, paddles, impact play etc.
  • Mummification
    Latex is the a popular choice for mummification fantasies. I can do this at the dungeon, combining a latex body sack and a winch. Another popular one is being wrapped head to toe (with noseholes) in cling film or duct tape. As a sadist, I can't recommend duct tape enough!
  • Nipple Torture
    Usually this is done by hands or with clamps. My favourite though, is to incorporate thai nipple sticks. These are just as nasty as their traditional counterparts, but don't leave marks, and can be twiddled, twisted, or tied to other things in many creative ways.
  • Sensory Deprivation
    Sensory deprivation involves taking away, or significantly hindering some of the senses, in order to increase focus on others. For example to take away the eyes with a mask, leads to further audible concentration. Take away both, and you'll notice your sense of touch becomes more hyper-focussed. Taking away sensory capabilities is naturally very stressful and the anxiety you will feel as a result can significantly add to the effect of the submission involved. I have various pieces of equipment I can use for this effect.
  • Slapping
    Anything from spanking to hard facial slapping.
  • Spitting
    On the body, or in the mouth.
  • Trampling
    With bare feet, trainers or boots. All the way up to full body weight.
  • Wax/ Candles
    This involves burning special candles, designed for melting and falling in contact with the skin. You get a brief, sharp, burning sensation with every drop, but the red marks caused are minor and temporary. Bear in mind that different candles will burn at different temperatures and you will need to pick your own candles from a sex shop or online to book this as part of a session.
    I don't use wax candles at home, as my playroom is carpeted and would be impossible to clean after a session. I am happy to do wax candle play in a dungeon which offers this though, or on an outcall.
    Another cool idea? Check out UV candles. I have a special blacklight torch, which will activate the UV effect and make some very nice visuals. Very nice for pictures too if you want a memento.

Medical Play Activities

  • Cutting/ Scarification
    Cutting can be done with several tools. Most commonly, it is done with knives, finger claws or fingertip claws. I favour finger claws. If cutting is done lightly, it is a gentle scratch. Done with slightly more firmness, you can cause intentional scarifification (scarring). Whatever the intention, scarring is always a risk with any kind of cutting and it comes down to the subjects skin type and resilience as much as the skill of the cutter. I have experience of cutting, however would be unlikely to offer this with a client, unless I had known them for a very long time.
  • Needleplay
    Needleplay involves puncturing the skin with medical needles. It's a very invasive playstyle, but very therapeutic. Medical gloves will be worn during this type of play.
  • Wartenberg Wheel
    The wartenberg wheel gives a similar sensation to that of a knife. Best used in the medical room of the dungeon, you can really imagine you're being dissected, but without any cuts. If used firmly, it can leave some tiny puncture holes, but used gently leaves no marks at all.


  • Chokeholds
    See youtube for examples.
  • Sleeperholds
    See youtube for examples.
  • Full body contact (Submission)
    One on one wrestling til one person gives up. I have gym matting for safety. I am happy to wrestle clothed or nude. I'm very light (70kg) and very strong. I have a little BJJ experience, but mainly just a natural flair for the sport. I can confidently bring down untrained wrestlers who outweigh me by 20kg.

Slave Training

  • Housework Slavery
    This involves degradation and servitude by way of doing household chores for a master. I no longer offer this at my own home, as I no longer offer any kind of incall with the exception of one long term slave who has beens serving my cleaning needs for several years now. However, I have other properties I can make use of you in.
  • Sissification/ Crossdressing
    Crossdressing is when a man likes dressing up in a feminine way. Sissification is when a person is 'made to be a sissy', in other words, forced to dress in a feminine way.

Implements/ Toys

  • Dildos
    I have a small range of dildos.
  • Electro
    I have various types of electroplay toys. I have a 'Duo Flick Electrastim' unit (electric circuit box) with the following attachments- Sticky pads, butt plugs, 7 inch dildo, loops (which can attach to your fingers, toes, cock or balls). I also have a cattle prod style toy called a TaZapper (as seen a lot on and a 'Violet Wand'.
  • Impact
    Impact toys are heavy 'thud' types, which are more likely to to bruise than break the skin. Examples include paddles, thick canes and heavy leather floggers.
  • Masks
    Masks I have include-
    - Full face leather hood
    - Full face fabric hood
    - Latex, gas mask style watersports hood (Fetters)
    - Sensory deprivation hood.
  • Plugs
    I have a large collection of butt plugs. Metal, trillium locking (pear of anguish), silicone, glass, remote control...
  • Sting
    Sting pain implements are the opposite of thud pain ones. They are sharper, lighter, and more likely to break skin than to bruise. Whether or not you want me to break skin is up to you. I'll check your limits before the session. Sting pain implement examples include; whips, thin canes, sharp tailed floggers and crops.
  • Other
    Do you have a request for a specific item not listed? The odds are I can help, just ask.

Physical Appreciation/ Muscle Fetish

  • Worship
    You can watch and feel my muscles as I flex, feet etc and worship me.
  • Wrestling
    You can feel my strength first hand in a submission wrestling match. See my 'Wrestling' section above.

Substances/ Chems

  • What are Chems?
    This is the commonly used term for chemicals/drugs in the gay community and to a smaller degree, the BDSM community. This is quite a broad topic. The short answer to my approach on clients getting high on a session is that so long as you're a rationally minded adult, you can do you. I have no moral issue with a client wanting to take drugs in general. That said, when it comes to play specifically, it can cause issues. Some chems are relatively harmless in most cases or dosed correctly. Poppers for example, unless you have respiratory or blood pressure issues, carry very little risk of complications as a standalone substance. Other chems though, such as GBL can cause much more severe reactions and the chance of causational (indirect) complications needs to be taken into account. If you do wish to take some kind of substance on a session other than poppers or alcohol, tell me BEFORE the session! I will then tell you if I'm happy to take the session or not.
    Essentially, I ask three things of you on this area:
    1) Tell me beforehand what you want to take
    2) Don't take unneccessary risks
    3) Don't ask me to sell you drugs. It's always amazed me how many people ask me for this. I don't know if there's a tradition of sex workers being drug dealers which I never got the memo about, but it's not my bag. I won't supply you with any chems or feed them to you on a session. If you take something, it's entirely on you.
  • Alcohol
    I will not do a BDSM session with anyone who has more than a small amount of alcohol, due to the anaesthetic effect and difficulty to read body language. As a general rule, if I wouldn't get in a car with you driving, I won't session for you. I do not drink alcohol on a session and unless it's ordered from a bar, for my own safety, I will not accept any kind of drink from a client.
  • GBL
    If you are planning to take only a sensible amount and you aren't planning to combine it with any other kind of substance (especially alcohol), this should be fine as long as you tell me beforehand. If you take GBL on a session, I will not do any kind of bondage play with you and will not do any heavy BDSM once the effects start to kick in, due to the anaesthetic effect. I won't partake myself. This drug is high risk and if you do take some, be aware that you are solely responsible for your actions and if I feel you're in danger, an ambulance will be called.
  • Poppers
    Very low risk. You may take these on a session. If you have any health conditions such as high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat which might be impacted by vasodilation, please let me know. If you do however, I'd recommend not taking any, as poppers will be high risk for you. I won't partake.
  • Other
    It depends on the substance. As a general rule though, as long as it can be used safely, it should be okay.

Escort/ Vanilla

Sex Acts

  • Anal Sex
    If you're a female client, then absolutely I offer anal sex. Gentle for beginners and ruthless for the more hardcore! I do not give anal sex to men (toys only for guys). This is simply because sex obviously requires the giver to be aroused and hard. Being straight, that doesn't work for me. This is my most common request and if I could enjoy anal sex with a man I'd be rich, but this isn't to be. Please don't ask!
  • Anal Training
    Generally a long length session. The goal of 'training' is to increase the diameter of the anus. This then allows you to take and enjoy taking larger toys/ dicks in future and to lern how to relax to avoid discomfort. Using fingers, dilators and dildos, we will gradually see how far we can push the limits of your anal capacity. Most clients who enjoy anal training like to use chems (poppers) on a session. I have no issue with this. I can do a lot in one lengthy session, but effective anal training requires regular work, so you'll want to see me often and wear plugs and dilators in between if you have big goals.
  • Cum in Mouth (CIM)
    I am happy to do this for you (giving). I will receive only from women. I am regularly checked and have never had an STI thanks to safe practice. I'd like to keep this track record going!
  • Fisting
    I have sterile medical gloves. As it is one use only, I ask clients looking to be fisted to provide their own fisting gel if they choose to use it. Fisting gel is highly recommended over regular lube for this purpose. I've found the best success with combining Crisco and J-Lube. I enjoy fisting and as you can expect, I give, but don't receive. Most clients who enjoy fisting like to use chems such as poppers on a session. I have no issue with this.
  • Foot Fetish
    This can involve foot sniffing, licking, sucking, sock sniffing, boot worship etc. See the foot fetish section above.
  • Forced Bi
    An intro to serving a man sexually, with them putting you in your place. In sessions with me, this servitude is oral only, no anal. Expect lots of manhandling, throat fucking and rimming my ass.
  • Hand Relief
    A.K.A Wanking. I don't give this to other guys, but I'm comfortable with male cleints who want to touch/ wank/ give oral to me.
  • Kissing/ DFK
    I kiss women, including DFK (with tongues). I don't kiss other men.
  • Objectification
    The subject of objectification plays a passive role and is generally confined/ immobile. On a sexual booking, objectification would generally involve you being used as a sex toy, within limits you set out before the session begins and within my own limits.
  • Oral Sex
    Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Rimming
    Anal oral. I absolutely love being rimmed. I'm very happy for girls or guys to rim me, and I also enjoy rimming women. I don't rim other guys.
  • Roleplay
    Acting out a character or a scene. I'll consider any roleplay request, however I rarely accept them, as they usually don't interest me and I only do session I enjoy.
  • Vaginal sex
    I am happy to provide this.

Duo/ Group Meets

  • Creampie
    A creampie is a cum filled pussy. Many people like 'cleaning up' (licking/ eating) a creampie. I do a lot of creampie cleanup sessions with my girlfriend.
  • Cuckold
    You will be made to watch me have sex with and pleasure my girlfriend, a female friend, or even more than one girl, so you know what a real man can do.
  • Live Sex Shows
    Watch me with one or more girls live. You sit on a chair by the bed and get a good view. No pressure to join in, you can just relax and enjoy the show.
  • MMF
    You, me and another person. Either you’re a single looking for a couple, or you’re a couple looking for a single.
  • MMFF+
    I work with multiple girls and with enough notice, can arrange trios or larger group meets.


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    - Suspect Voyeur

  • "Very good meeting. He makes you feel relaxed and is a nice bloke, though do not be fooled, he will give you a very good hiding if you need it."

    - spanking65

  • "No ifs, no buts, this guy is excellent"

    - Letslust

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